How VREM aligns with the zero trust maturity model for data

VREM applies a unique, data-centric approach to security. Our innovative data security and privacy platform is based on confidential computing technology to ensure data is securely protected in hybrid and multi-cloud environments This platform serves as a decentralized hub for managing encryption tasks, giving users complete control over data protection.

Through granular access controls, only approved identities (either human or machine) can access the encryption/decryption keys. Administrative safeguards, such as "Quorum Approval Policies," protect the keys from mistakes or malicious actions.These VREM platforms offer the following solutions:

Data Security Manager (DSM)

provides modern, scalable, and cloud-friendly solutions such as enterprise key management with integrated HSMs, secrets management, and tokenization. Powered by Confidential Computing technology, it supports standard cryptographic APIs such as PKCS #11, JCE, and CAPI/CNG alongside a powerful and comprehensive REST API for application developers and DevOps teams, enabling seamless integration with both third-party applications and in-house applications.

Enclave Development Platform (EDP)

is an open-source toolset for developing your own confidential computing applications running inside secure enclaves using the security-focused Rust programming language.

Confidential Computing Manage

enables you to convert your existing containerized applications to run inside a secure enclave and to orchestrate and manage confidential computing applications across your on-premises or private/public cloud infrastructure.

Data inventory management

Zero trust requirement

ZTMM requirement What it entails Required capabilities
Data inventory management Continuously keep track of all relevant data within the organization and use effective strategies to prevent data loss by blocking suspicious data transfers.
  • Centralized data access control across hybrid multicloud infrastructures
  • Universal encryption and access control
  • Granular, role-based access control policies