Home Business Roadmap


THEIA’s mission is supporting mobile POS suitable for domestic and international small businesses and providing
all acceptable payment methods in order that small business are not alienated from the payment ecosystem.



4th quarter of 2021

THEIA Ecosystem Construction
White paper production and website construction
Completed development of Sehan NFC platform
App Integrity verification
VAN&PG system legacy linkage

1st quarter of 2022

THEIA offline real connection
Provided mobile POS for small businesses
Provided merchant registration and management system
Signed SWEPT Project collaboration contract
THEIA TOKEN issuance
Small business reward token payment

2nd quarter of 2022

THEIA Mobile POS System Advancement
Added QR payment
Integration of heterogeneous systems
Management system upgrade
THEIA subscriber marketing data provision
THEIA Partner Company Expansion

3rd quarter of 2022

THEIA TOKEN Ecosystem Expansion
Reward token to stable coin swap
Expansion of reward token usage
Provide small business support system
Provision of tax/accounting processing system with Mobile POS

4th quarter of 2022

Expansion of easy payment partnerships
Expand the membership of small businesses
Advancement of NFC recognition rate
Development of application technology such as biometric data

After 2023

Multinational Mass Data Processing/Analysis
Transaction data processing
Advancement and provision of customer marketing data
Expansion of THEIA franchises and ecosystem