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THEIA LABS is a solution company offering everything related to payments
of domestic and international small businesses.


THEIA is a project for small businesses
who are marginalized in the payment market.



We lead the market where anyone can receive equal payment.
We create an environment where everyone can conveniently pay anywhere.

Due to the evolution and dissemination of the Internet and mobile devices, the existing payment systems including billing are changing rapidly.

Particularly, as fintech companies expand their entry into the payment service market, a number of financial services are being provided
and users who want to pay are also highly receptive to it, accelerating the transition to a digital payment system.

Furthermore, by establishing THEIA HUB, the integrated solution platform for franchisees, will selectively provide
management solutions for chain affiliates at low costs and fees.

Although large-scale fintech businesses are focusing on offline large scale affilates and franchises, which can be said
to be the mainstay of financial start-up, there must be a way for small business owners
to work together in the payment market that will unfold in the future.

THEIA project will do its best to fulfill this role that no one has ever played before.

THEIA Team all interested parties