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THEIA’s mission is supporting mobile POS suitable for domestic and international small businesses and providing
all acceptable payment methods in order that small business are not alienated from the payment ecosystem.


THEIA Business Plan

Mobile POS, affiliated with THEIA LABS, is an 'integrated management system' which includes all the functions necessary to operate a store.
It has solutions to replace existing POS system and scalability to be used the same as the POS by connecting with CAT terminals.
For the first time in the POS industry, we provide an innovative hybrid payment system through versatility of supporting all acceptable payment methods by connecting e-wallets.
THEIA HUB saw the potential of a mobile POS. We concluded it as a solution that can provide sufficient competitiveness to alienated small business at home and abroad through its functions and scalability same as the traditional POS used by the most merchants.
Turning a mobile into POS, which is used all the time, can be the answer for merchants not to worry about cost and space.
THEIA LABS ensures the electronic wallets and stable coins being included in the universal payment method through mobile POS, and it will demonstrate the practicallity and potential of the blockchain.
  • Versatility

    Applicable to all payment methods

  • Convenience

    Can be settled with desired virtual assets

  • Safety

    TPL technology based KEY security solution

  • Additional income


Integrated solution platform (THEIA HUB)
We provide a solution services to resolve problems that domestic and international small businesses find difficult and necessary to solve through mobile APP-based platform, which is called ‘THEIA HUB’
It is develiered in the form of integration with our partners.
Sharing a single platform gives you a selective choice of solution services at low cost and fee.