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THEIA’s mission is supporting mobile POS suitable for domestic and international small businesses and providing
all acceptable payment methods in order that small business are not alienated from the payment ecosystem.


Terms of Use

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 [Purpose)

These terms and conditions apply to the online internet service (hereinafter referred to as the “service”) provided by THEIA LABS (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) by the service user, regardless of the type of wired or wireless terminal that can be accessed by the service user It means "service". The rights, obligations and responsibilities of the company and members (referring to service users who have agreed to these terms and conditions and completed membership registration; hereinafter referred to as "members") in joining and using them as members It is intended to define matters.

Article 2 (Explanation, Effect and Amendment of terms and conditions)

① The company posts the contents of these terms and conditions on the initial screen of the service so that members can easily understand them.

② The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the Online Digital Content Industry Development Act, the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc., the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, and the Consumer Basic Act.

③ When the company revises the terms and conditions, the date of application of the existing terms and conditions and the revised terms and conditions and the reason for the amendment shall be specified, along with the current terms and conditions, if the amendment is unfavorable to the member for a considerable period from 15 days before the effective date to the effective date, the company will notify each of these on the service website from 30 days before the effective date to a considerable period after the effective date and notify existing members by sending the revised terms and conditions to the email address given by the company.

④ If the company clearly notifies the member in accordance with the preceding paragraph and does not express its intention to reject it by 7 days after the date of notice to the enforcement date of the revised agreement, it will be deemed to have been approved. If the member does not agree to the amended terms and conditions, the member may terminate the use contract in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 Paragraph 1.

Chapter 2 Member registration and management

Article 3 (Membership registration procedure)

① If the service user reads these terms and conditions and clicks the “Agree” button or checks “Confirm”, it is deemed that they have agreed to these terms and conditions.

② Membership registration for the use of the company's services is performed by entering the required information including the member ID in the online membership application form set by the company after the service user agrees as in paragraph 1, and clicking the "Register" or "Confirm" button. do it in a way. However, if the company deems it necessary, it may require the member to submit separate documents.

③ In the case of membership registration by corporate customers, it is necessary to submit additional documents determined by the company in addition to the submission of the membership application form and payment of the service usage fee.

④ In the case of corporate customer membership registration, if the service user and the service fee payer are different, the company may request additional proof to confirm it.

Article 4 (Establishment, reservation and rejection of membership registration)

① Membership registration is established by the service user's application for membership in accordance with the procedure stipulated in Article 3 and approval of the company's membership registration. When the membership application has been completed by faithfully inputting the necessary information, the company shall approve it without delay after confirming the necessary matters. However, an exception is made when separate data submission is required in addition to the membership application submission

② The company may withhold approval of membership registration in cases falling under any of the following subparagraphs.

1. When there is no realistic margin in the facility capacity of the provided service

2. If it is determined that there is a technical problem in providing the service

3. When applying for membership as a corporate customer and do not fulfill the obligations under Article 3, Paragraphs 3 or 4

4. If the company deems it financially and technically necessary

③ The company may reject membership registration in any of the following cases.

1. In the case of applying for membership with false information on the application form or attaching false documents

2. In case of not fulfilling the obligations under Article 3, Paragraph 3 or 4 within a certain period separately stipulated by the Company after applying for membership as a corporate customer

3. When a child under the age of 14 has not received consent from a legal representative such as a parent to provide personal information

4. When the company clearly acknowledges that there is a risk of going against social order and morals based on relevant laws and regulations

5. When a member who has terminated the contract by the company pursuant to Article 17 Paragraph 2 applies for membership again

Article 5 (Management responsibility for Member ID)

① The member is responsible for the management of member ID and password for service use, and is responsible for all disadvantages caused by the member's intentional negligence, such as illegal use of his/her ID by a third party. However, if it is caused by the intentional negligence of the company, the company is responsible for it.

② If the member recognizes that the member ID, password and additional information is stolen or is being used by a third party, he/she must immediately take measures to correct his/her password, and immediately notify the company and follow the company's instructions.

Article 6 (Collection of personal information)

In order to provide services, the company collects necessary personal information from members in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

1. Date of Birth, Area of Residence and Contact

2. Postal/Giveaway address, hobbies, interests

3. Intention to receive newsletters by service

4. Matters recognized by the company

Article 7 (Changing member information)

If any of the following items are changed, the member must immediately change it on the member information management page. In this case, the company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by the member's failure to change the member information, and in the case of a corporate member, the company may change it by a method separately determined.

Chapter 3 Service Use

Article 8 (Service Use)

① Service use is possible immediately after approval of the company's use of the service. However, in the case of a paid service, it can be enabled immediately after the company confirms the payment of the fee.

② If a member who is a minor under the Civil Act uses paid services, the member who is a minor must obtain the consent of a legal representative before payment.

③ In principle, the service usage hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week(00:00-24:00), except in cases where the company's business or technology is impossible. However, for reasons such as regular inspection of service facilities, the company may divide the service into a specific range and set the date and time separately.

Article 9 (Notification of Service Content Change, etc.)

① If the contents of the service are changed or the service is terminated due to reasons such as termination of contract with the CP (Contents Provider) contracted by the company to provide the service, change of CP, start of new service, etc., the company sends the member’s registered e-mail address Changes or termination of service contents may be notified via e-mail.

② In the case of the preceding paragraph, when notifying a large number of unspecified persons, the member may be notified through the website or the notice page of the company. However, matters that have a significant impact on the member's own transaction are notified through the bulletin board for a considerable period of time and individually notified to the email address given by the company.

③ When the paid service is terminated, the member using the service must be notified via e-mail in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 1, and refunds will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 Paragraph 4.

Article 10 (Attribution of Rights and Use of Works)

① The copyright of posts posted by members within the service (hereinafter referred to as "posts") belongs to the author of the post.

② Posts may be exposed in search results, services and related promotions, and may be partially modified, duplicated, edited and posted within the scope necessary for such exposure. In this case, the company complies with the provisions of the Copyright Act, and members can take measures such as deletion, exclusion of search results, and non-disclosure of the postings at any time through the customer center or management functions within each service.

③ If the company intends to use the member's posts in a way other than paragraph 2, it obtains the member's consent in advance through telephone, fax or e-mail.

Article 11 (Restriction and Suspension of Service Use)

① The company may limit or suspend the member's use of the service in the event of any of the following reasons.

1. In the event that a member intentionally or negligently interferes with the operation of the company service
2. When a member violates the obligations of Article 13
3. In case of service facility inspection, repair or construction
4. When the key telecommunications business operator stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act suspends the telecommunications service
5. When there is a problem in using the service due to a national emergency, a failure of the service facility, or congestion of the service use
6. If the company considers it inappropriate to continue providing services for other serious reasons

② When the company restricts or suspends the use of the service pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the company must notify the member of the reason and period of restriction.

③ In the event that the company decides to terminate the contract with the member and withdraw the member pursuant to Article 17, Paragraph 2, the company notifies the member before processing the withdrawal and the member can protest within 30 days from the date of receiving the notification from the company .

④ In accordance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications network utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the "Information and Communications Network Act"), a member or a member whose rights have been infringed, such as infringing upon his/her privacy or defaming his/her reputation by postings published by other members A third party (hereinafter referred to as the "applicant for deletion") may request the company to delete the relevant post or publish the content of the rebuttal by explaining the fact of the infringement. In this case, if the company cannot determine whether the rights of the post are infringed, or if a dispute is expected between the parties, the company will take measures to temporarily block access to the post (hereinafter referred to as "temporary measure") for up to 30 days.

⑤ Members whose posts have been temporarily taken under Paragraph 5 (hereinafter referred to as "posters") may request the company to restore the posts, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "reposting request") during the temporary measure period. In addition, if there is consent of the applicant, such as deletion of the publisher, to the request for deliberation by the Korea Communications Standards Commission on judgments such as defamation of temporary measures, the company requests it on behalf of the publisher and the applicant, and if there is no consent, the company will determine whether to restore the post or not based on this. If there is a request for re-posting by the publisher, if there is a decision of the Korea Communications Standards Commission or the company within the provisional measure period, the decision shall be followed. If there is no request for re-posting, the post will be deleted after the temporary measure period expires.

⑦ If the company recognizes that the posts posted in the service infringe the rights of a third party, such as invasion of privacy or defamation, take temporary measures (hereinafter referred to as "arbitrary temporary action") can be taken. The processing procedure for arbitrary temporary measures shall be in accordance with the latter part of paragraph 5 and the provisions of paragraph 6.

⑧ If another member or a third party takes civil or criminal legal action against the member or the company on the basis of infringement of legal interests due to the member's posting (e.g., filing a civil lawsuit such as criminal prosecution, application for provisional disposition, and claim for damages) In this case, the company may temporarily restrict access to the related postings until a final judgment of the court is obtained as a result of legal action. The person requesting action for postings, etc. is responsible for clarification of legal actions related to access restrictions on postings, etc. and for the final judgment of the court.

Article 12 (Obligations of the company)

① The company must faithfully carry out the measures of maintenance, inspection, or restoration so that the facilities related to the company's service provision and security are suitable for continuous and stable service provision.

② The company does not send commercial e-mails or SMS text messages for commercial purposes that members do not agree to receive.

③ The company does not disclose or distribute personal information of members that it learns in connection with the provision of services to a third party without the consent of the person, and strives to protect it. Other matters related to the protection of members' personal information are in accordance with the Information and Communications Network Act and the "Personal Information Management Guidelines" separately set by the company.

④ If the company provides services to members by entering into a service provision contract with a third party, the company shall specify the specific member information of the member provided to the third party for each individual service and provide the individual and personal information of the member. After obtaining explicit consent, within the scope of consent, we comply with relevant laws and regulations such as sharing of members' personal information with third parties only during the period of provision of the service.

Article 13 (Responsibilities of Members)

① Members must not engage in any of the following acts

1. Registering false information when applying for membership or changing
2. Changing the information posted on the company's service or using the information obtained by using the service for commercial or non-profit purposes without prior consent of the company for copying, publishing, broadcasting, etc., or providing it to a third party
3. Use the service provided by the company to provide an opportunity to promote oneself to a third party or to receive money in a way such as acting on behalf of a third party, or transfer the right to use the service and receive money in return act of doing
4. Acts that infringe the rights of the company or third parties, such as posting false information about the company or a third party or violating intellectual property rights
5. Using the service unfairly by stealing another member's ID and password
6. Acts of using the company's paid service by using another person's payment information without the permission of another person, such as another person's account number and credit card number
7. Sending junk mail, spam mail, chain letters, e-mails inviting to join the pyramid organization, obscene or violent messages, images, voices, etc. Any other act of disclosing or posting information that is contrary to public order and morals
8. Transmitting or posting information (computer programs, etc.) whose transmission or posting is prohibited under the Information and Communications Network Act
9. Posting media that are harmful to juveniles as stipulated in the Youth Protection Act
10. An act of distributing information, sentences, figures or voices that violate public order or morals
11. Posting articles or sending e-mails by impersonating or impersonating an employee of the company or the administrator of the service, or stealing the name of another person
12. Posting or sending by e-mail data containing software viruses or other computer codes, files or programs designed for the purpose of disrupting or destroying the normal operation of computer software, hardware, and telecommunications equipment
13. Interfering with the use of services by other members by stalking, abusive language, or chattering
14. Acts of collecting, storing, or disclosing other members' personal information without consent
15. Conducting commercial activities by using premium mail or other services provided by the company for the purpose of posting advertisements or propaganda targeting a large number of unspecified members or sending spam mail
16. Reform, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software provided by the company
17. Acts that violate the current laws and regulations, the terms and conditions set forth in the service provided by the company, and the regulations on service use

② The company may delete or temporarily delete the posting if the member acts in accordance with Paragraph 1, restrict the use of the service, or unilaterally terminate this contract.

③ Among the services provided by the company, if adult authentication is required in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the member must provide real name information to the company in accordance with the method provided by the company in order to use the service.

Article 14 (Prohibition of transfer)

The member's right to receive services cannot be transferred, given or used for the purpose of pledge.

Article 15 (Payment of usage fee)

① In principle, when a member uses a paid service among the services provided by the company, a member uses the service after paying the usage fee.

② Payment methods for paid services provided by the company include mobile phone payment, credit card payment, general phone payment, account transfer and deposit without a bank account and there may be differences in payment methods for each paid service.

④ The company may additionally request the member's personal information necessary for payment, and the member must accurately provide the personal information requested by the company. The company is not responsible for compensating the member for any damage caused to the member due to false or inaccurate personal information provided by the member unless the company intentionally or negligently.

Article 16 (Refund of service fee and objection)

① For the fee paid in error by the member, the company must refund the fee.

② In the case of a refund for a reason attributable to the member, the general method is as follows.

1. If the paid service provided by the company is a service that lasts for less than one month (based on payment) after payment, the remaining amount will be refunded after excluding the amount corresponding to the number of days of use from the date of cancellation. The provisions of this section also apply to services that are billed monthly on a monthly basis.
2. If the paid service provided by the company is a service that lasts more than one month (payment standard) after payment, the amount corresponding to the number of days of use and 10% of the total remaining days will be refunded from the date of cancellation. However, if cancellation is requested within 7 days of the start of using the paid service, only the amount corresponding to the number of days of use will be refunded.

③ Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2, the full amount paid by the member will be refunded in the following cases.

1. If there is no record of using the service after the member has completed payment
2. In case of failure to use the service due to reasons attributable to the company despite the service failure or meeting the minimum technical specifications presented by the company
3. If the service purchased by the member is not provided
4. If the service provided is different from the display or advertisement or there is a significant difference
5. In case the normal use of the service is significantly impossible due to a defect in the provided service

④ If the company refunds the fee for reasons attributable to the company, such as the reasons in Paragraph 3, Article 2 or the suspension of the service, the company additionally pays the member an amount equivalent to the remaining number of days of paid service use and an amount equivalent to 10% of the amount refund. However, after one purchase is completed, the service with an unlimited usage period will be refunded only if it is within one year from the purchase completion date.

⑤ Members may object to the usage fee. However, objections to the usage fee must be raised within 1 month from the date the cause was known and within 3 months from the date the cause occurred.

⑥ If the member violates the provisions of Article 13 and the company restricts the member's use of the service or unilaterally terminates this contract, the company will not provide any refund to the member.

⑦ In the case of a full refund, a refund is made using the payment method used by the member for the use of the service, but in the case of a partial refund due to impossible or premature termination of the service, the refund will be made in a separate method determined by the company.

⑧ Refunds pursuant to the provisions of this article shall be made within 3 business days from the date on which the refund obligation arises and if the refund is delayed, the delayed interest rate shall be 11% per annum. However, if the member's cooperation is required for the refund, no interest will be paid for the delay in refund due to the member's fault.

⑨ The cost of refund shall be borne by the member in the case of a refund due to a cause attributable to the member, and by the company in the case of a refund due to a cause attributable to the company.

Article 17 (Cancellation of the contract of use)

① When a member terminates the service use contract, he or she may delete the member's ID and withdraw from membership at any time according to the procedure set by the company in the member information management.

② If a member violates the provisions of Article 13, the company may unilaterally terminate this contract, and if there is damage to the service operation as a result, civil and criminal liability may also be imposed.

③ If there is no record of logging in to the company's service to use the service for one year in a row while the member is using the service, the company may lose the member's membership.

④ Cancellation of the paid service use contract is established by the member's application for service cancellation and the company's consent. The effect of cancellation occurs when the company accepts it, and if there is an amount to be refunded, will be refunded. Refunds are subject to the provisions of Article 16.

⑤ For each individual paid service, if the method and effect of contract termination different from the provisions of Paragraph 4 are stipulated in the individual terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the individual terms and conditions shall be followed for the termination of each individual paid service.

⑥ If this contract of use is terminated, all 'posts' registered in the member's account will be deleted.

Chapter 4 Others

Article 18 (Protection of Juveniles)

As a space that can be used freely by all age groups, the company is separately implementing the youth protection policy set forth in the Information and Communications Network Act to protect youth from harmful information and help youth use the Internet safely.

Article 19 (Indemnification)

① The company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the member if the service cannot be provided in any of the following cases.

1. In case of natural disaster or force majeure equivalent thereto
2. In case of intentional interference with the service of a third party that has entered into a service alliance contract with the company to provide the service
3. If there is a problem in using the service due to reasons attributable to the member
4. In the case of any other cause other than the company's intention or negligence except for subparagraphs 1 through 3

② The company does not guarantee the reliability and accuracy of information, data, and facts posted on the service by means of methods such as those provided by the CP or written by members, and is not responsible for damages to members caused by this event.

Article 20 (Resolution of dispute)

These Terms and Conditions are stipulated and implemented by the laws of the Republic of Korea, and the court having jurisdiction over the address under the Civil Procedure Act shall have the jurisdiction of the court for disputes arising between the company and the member in relation to the use of the service.

Article 21 (Application of Regulations)

Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws and customs shall be followed for matters not specified in the Act.